What's the difference between Selleys Adhesives and Sealants?

“If it’s Selleys, it works.”

You know the tag line, but did you know the reason Selleys adhesives and sealants are so effective is because of the advanced technology and testing that goes into each and every product?


At Selleys, we strenuously test all of our adhesives and sealants to ensure they achieve maximum adhesion, flexibility, cure speed, water-resistance, hardness/ abrasion resistance/tear resistance, temperature resistance, paintability, ease of use and fire resistance, while also achieving minimum shrinkage and low cost.

Our famous No More Gaps stretch test is one example of the way we put our products through their paces before they reach our valued customers.


When recommending sealants and adhesives to your customers, you can confidently endorse the Selleys range. Here’s an overview of the sophisticated technologies that make Selleys sealants and adhesives work so well.


Selleys acrylic and PVA adhesives and sealants work through a process whereby polymer particles pack close together and coalesce as water evaporates. An acrylic latex emulsion binder gives these products flexibility, adhesion and water resistance, while special purpose fillers and additives reduce shrinkage, impart toughness and enhance performance and stability.


  • Sealants: No More Gaps, Poly Gap Filler
  • Adhesives: Liquid Nails Fast, Kwik Grip Advanced, Aquadhere range.


Products featuring this technology are formulated with rubber, resins, solvents and advanced adhesion promoters and stabilisers. They cure by evaporation and the fusing of rubber chains. Cross-linked resins impart excellent temperature resistance and adhesive strength.


  • Sealants: All Clear, Blockade
  • Adhesives: Liquid Nails, Kwik Grip range, Tarzan’s Grip Multipurpose.


This rapidly developing technology produces versatile sealants and adhesives. Hybrid polymers combine the benefits of silicone and polyurethane while also offering paintability superior to silicones and UV resistance superior to polyurethanes.


  • Sealant: Selleys 3 in 1 (white and clear)
  • Adhesive: Selleys Ultra Repair.


These products work as a result of the isocyanate ends on polymer chains chemically curing with moisture. This technology produces products that offer excellent water resistance and are tough as well as very versatile.


  • Sealants: Proseries PU Multipurpose Sealant and Adhesive/Sealant
  • Adhesives: Liquid Nails Direct Stick and Aquadhere Durabond.


Selleys silicones cure by reacting with water. They are 100% silicone and do not include organic plasticisers as these cause shrinking. Selleys silicones also offer better UV resistance than competitor products.


  • Sealants: Roof & Gutter, Glass, Wet Area, Wet Area Speedseal, Brick & Concrete
  • Adhesives: Liquid Nails Mirror Metal Glass.


Used to produce Selleys Quick Fix super glues, the innovative technology behind these products means just one drop is sufficient to achieve an instant, superior bond between close-fitting surfaces. Cyanoacrylate adhesives cure via a superfast reaction with moisture on the substrate.


  • Adhesive: Quick Fix Supa Glue range.


Epoxies cure via the reaction of a resin with an amine hardener. Selleys’ epoxy adhesives are high strength and water resistant, and some offer very fast cure speeds (ie 90 seconds).


  • Adhesive: Araldite range.