Update with the latest interior paint colours

Winter is a great time to update a room such as the lounge room, bedroom or entrance to the home. As an indoor project, interior painting can be completed rain, hail or shine. It’s also very satisfying and cost effective to refresh a room or space using paint! Help your customers choose on-trend interior colours with the following colour update from Dulux.

Colours: Dulux Linseed and Natural White

Hibernate in your own tranquil space with the inevitable cold days looming. Nostalgic colours can create a peaceful retreat and sense of harmony, which can easily be adapted to create your own retreat.

The lovely hue of Dulux Linseed contrasting with Natural White can translate into your own winter sanctuary, simply by adding some rich terracotta, reds and persimmon. Look at accessories in colours such as Dulux Terracotta Chip, Clare Valley and Persimmon.

Colours: Dulux Blind Date, Focus Point, Equanimity and Limed White

Compose your perfect winter environment adding these warm and earthy colours, adding a mix of brightness along the way. Delve into the delightful Dulux Blind Date, which will give your space a cosy and welcoming feel, then highlight with brighter hues in greens or blues, such as Dulux Focus Point and Equanimity and trims in Limed White.

Re-create this style by adding heavy textures, layering items and incorporating varied styles to really show off your own personality. A little spark of colour helps to liven up your space on a gloomy day.

Colours: Dulux Clear Concrete, Klute, Vivid White with details in Grey Pebble Quarter, Juvenile and Design Metallic Exposed Granite

Translating deep and rich colours into a divine and decadent winter space is the perfect remedy for those colder months now upon us.

A contrast of warm and cool colours, mixing the gorgeous metallic brown hues (Exposed Granite, Pewter Illusion) with the contrasting deep greys brings a sense of balance.

Beautifully textured fabrics, a blend of patterns and your favourite things surrounding you can help to create your escape from the cooler temperatures outside.