Timber Deck Preparation – The complete DIY checklist

From a deck to a fence and everything in between, coating new or existing timber is a great spring DIY project.

For a durable and good-looking finish, it’s vital to get the preparation component of the timber coating process right! Timber, as a product of nature, is subject to fungal attack, degradation from UV light, expansion and contraction with varying moisture levels, variations in density and oil, tannin and resin content. All these characteristics impose considerable demand on timber finishes. The right preparation will achieve the longest life span possible from any timber finish.

Preparation guide

Help your customers successfully prepare new or existing timbers for recoating with this easy preparation guide. Ensure label directions are followed for all products.

The Water Bead Test

The water bead test tells you if the timber surface is ready for coating. Simply sprinkle water on the surface of timber. If the water absorbs it is ready to be prepared using a timber cleaner and then can be coated. If the water beads the previous coating needs to be removed by weathering, stripping or sanding before being cleaned with a timber cleaner and then coating can occur.