Thrive Easy Pods

Make Autumn feeding time even easier!

No wonder Thrive® Easy Pods™ All Purpose Soluble Fertiliser is such a popular product! These simple, no-mess and no-fuss pre-measured pods of Thrive® fertiliser make short work of your annual autumn feeding of the garden. Packed with nitrogen for leaf growth, phosphorus for healthy roots and potassium for improved flowers and fruit, these pods also contain trace elements for healthy grown vitality. Perfect for customers who are short on time.

Simply add one Thrive® Easy Pod™ into a watering can to make 9L of fast acting fertiliser. Now sit back, and watch your garden thrive.

Features and Benefits:

  • Easy to use concentrated, pre-measured pods
  • No measuring ,no mess, no fuss
  • No Handling. Pods are wrapped in a special film that avoids the product coming into contact with your hands
  • Quickly dissolves in water to make 9 L of Thrive® All Purpose Fertiliser
  • Fast acting. Feeds quickly through root and leaves for bigger, better growth
  • Suitable for use on most plants, including leafy vegetables, trees, shrubs, laws, flowers and fruit
  • Comes in packs of 20 pods