Technical Solutions

What is the difference between Selleys Liquid Nails and other construction adhesives?

Selleys Liquid Nails High Strength is a premium grade multipurpose construction adhesive. It bonds to most building substrates, can be used in interior or exterior applications, on wet or dry timber and may be extruded in all weather conditions... Read More>

What is the difference between Dulux 101 Wash & Wear Interior Low Sheen and Kitchen & Bathroom Low Sheen paint?

There are many similarities between these two products. Dulux Wash & Wear Low Sheen and Dulux Wash & Wear Kitchen & Bathroom Low Sheen both feature Barrier Technology which provides the following key benefits... Read More>

What is the best and most permanent remedy for creeping oxalis?

Unfortunately there is no really permanent remedy for creeping oxalis, but it is possible to keep this weed under control. Good lawn care is important - weeds tend to take over when... Read More>

How to design outdoor entertainment spaces

The key to a well-designed garden is locating an entertainment area that increases the use of your living space outdoors... Read More>

Painting advice for weather-affected surfaces

Given the prevalence of flooding across eastern Australia this year, may customer service staff will find themselves assisting those with properties that have been affected by water. Read More>

What is the reason behind storing tinter cans upside down?

Tinters by nature have a very high pigment loading, which can settle over time. The amount of settling varies between tinters and the length of time the tinter has been sitting on the shelf... Read More>

5 easy tips to achieve the perfect paint finish

You can help your customers achieve painting success with just five simple tips... Read More>

Tips for exterior painting in the heat

The hotter days of summer and early autumn can have an unexpected impact on projects such as painting. When giving your customers advice on exterior painting...  Read More>

How to prepare and coat a deck

These effect paints are simple to apply and create a finished result any DIY painter can be proud of.... Read More>

How to paint hard surfaces such as paving, driveways, patios & garage floors

These effect paints are simple to apply and create a finished result any DIY painter can be proud of.... Read More>

How to apply Design Metallic or Design Pearl

These effect paints are simple to apply and create a finished result any DIY painter can be proud of.... Read More>

The differences between different types of paint brushes and their uses

Selecting the right paintbrush for your task will make the job easier and provide superior results... Read More>

How to create distressed looks that will make furniture look old or worn

There are many different distressed looks that will make furniture look old or worn. Here are two simple methods... Read More>

How to renovate old wooden garden furniture

A couple simple steps to bring new life into old and weather-worn tables and chairs.... Read More>

How to create the perfect lawn

Tips on preparing the site, sowing from seed, mowing, fertilising and what grass types are best for your climate... Read More>

How-to to prepare & paint an outdoor powder coated metal surface

Powder-coated metals can be difficult to paint over, as they are generally smooth and fail to provide a sound basis for a new coating. Surface preparation and ... Read More>

Rust removal, restoration & long-term metal protection

How often have you seen a rusted cast iron garden table and chair sitting on the nature strip waiting for the local council to take it away? Tell your customers it ... Read More>

How-to apply Design Suede and Design Stone

Two easy-to-apply Dulux Design Effects paints provide the DIY painter with the opportunity to make a real difference to a feature wall. ... Read More>

Replacing old moulding silicone

For the tradesman or the home handyman the basic rule is the same when replacing moulding silicone: use the right products, follow the instructions and especially ... Read More>

How-to apply a floor stain to a timber floor

To colour your timber floor there are two options. For a strong colour, a stain can be applied directly to the timber. For a lighter stain, it is easier to use a varnish stain... Read More>

How-to apply Stripes to an interior wall

Horizontal or vertical stripes add definition and perspective to a plain room. Different colours, tones and shades can be combined for maximum impact... Read More >

Solutions for Paint Problems

Solutions for Paint Problems can help you identify, correct and prevent paint failures. Each subject illustrates and describes what a problem looks like, lists a possible cause...Read More>