Spring Lawn Care Guide

A lush lawn is as beautiful as it is practical, yet achieving a healthy lawn can be a challenge. The following tips and Yates products will help your customers get their lawn into top shape ahead of summer


Start by removing the non-grass weeds (such as bindii, clover, dandelions etc) that have flourished during the cold weather. Do this by using a selective herbicide – a weedkiller that removes the weeds without harming the grass. This process is a delicate balance so it’s important to read and follow instructions carefully otherwise you might damage your lawn.

Before recommending a selective herbicide, talk to your customers and help them choose the right products for their lawn.Yates BuffaloPro, available as a mix-it-yourself concentrate or an easy hose-on, is suitable for most lawns. Other selective herbicides, such as Yates Bindii & Clover Weeder Concentrate, can’t be used on buffalo.Yates Weed ‘n’ Feed is a popular option because it fertilises the grass at the same time as weeding. Again, it’s essential to read the instructions before using.

There are two different types of Weed ‘n’ Feed: a liquid that comes as a convenient hose-on (which can’t be used on buffalo) and a dry powder that literally burns the weeds away. It’s important to always advise customers to read and follow the instructions when applying.

Most grassy weeds are best removed by hand. Paspalum clumps, for instance, should be dug out or cut off just at the soil surface.


Spring, as the lawn starts to take off again after the winter slowdown, is the ideal time to fertilise the lawn. Many customers ask whether they should use an organic or inorganic lawn food. A good option is to suggest feeding with Yates Dynamic Lifter Concentrated Lawn Foodas it’s a combination of composted manure granules that are boosted with added nitrogen and other goodies. But if your customers are after a very fast result, use the new hose-on Lawn Master Rapid Greening. Because this is applied as a liquid it gets straight into the grass plants and produces an almost immediate response. The lawn will look better – greener and lusher – within a matter of days.

Pest and disease protection

As the warm weather progresses, the lawn becomes increasingly susceptible to pest and disease problems. The great news is that it’s easy to protect the lawn from many of the common insect pests with a spring application of Yates Complete Lawn Insect Control. Remind customers that prevention is better than cure. One hose-on spray with Complete Lawn Insect Control in spring will take care of curl grubs, black beetles, armyworm, sod webworm etc for months. To protect against fungal lawn diseases so prevalent in spring, suggest Yates Zaleton. This product has systemic properties so, once it’s within the grass plants, it will go on working and can’t be washed off.

New lawns

Spring’s a great season to start a lawn from scratch. If you’re embarking on this ambitious project, good preparation is the key to success. Yates Dynamic Lifter Turf Starter combines organic granules with moisture-holding water crystals that help stop the newly laid turf from drying out.