Selleys Sil-X

As a world leader in innovation, Selleys has changed the landscape of the sealant and adhesive market with new Selleys® Sil-X™ Advanced Polymer technology.

Sil-X Advanced Polymer technology delivers superior performance in durability, strength and flexibility. Formulated for tough Australian and New Zealand conditions, Sil-X technology has been proven to withstand harsh UV and extreme weather. Its unique formulation means that Sil-X outperforms conventional products on all substrates, including application on wet or damp surfaces, with no need to prime first.

The versatility and adaptability of Sil-X technology has placed it as the technology cornerstone of new Selleys products across the sealant and adhesive range.

Dedicated to customised local innovations, Selleys in-house chemists and technologists work hard to develop superior products for tough situations. The limitations of conventional products have driven Selleys to challenge the existing benchmark and produce this superior technology. Only Sil-X has been uniquely formulated for local conditions.

Since 1939, Selleys has been giving customers confidence to get their ‘jobs well done’ using Selleys products. The new Sil-X technology further cements Selleys place as a world leader in technical leadership, because ‘If it’s Selleys It Works®’.

Selleys Sil-X Advanced Polymer technology:

  • Superior UV and weather resistance
  • Long lasting flexibility
  • No primer required
  • Adhesion to wet surfaces
  • Non-bubbling
  • Better curing at low temperatures
  • Better extrudability at low temperatures
  • Paintable.