Selleys Glue Master Class

Replaces Selleys Introduction Course

Extensive research by Black Market has shown that many customers buy super glue for the wrong task. Based on this research the new course framework is designed to reflect the way in which customers approach the glue category. Get hands-on by fully exploring a wide range of gluing tasks from a customer’s perspective.

With lots of practical demonstrations, the Selleys Glue Master class gives participants the opportunity to get involved in project-based situations in a supported environment. You’ll also build a useful item during the course to take away.

Participants also get to focus on how to answer questions in-store and some tools to help with those though questions. Expand your knowledge of the latest products with the exciting new course and help advise your customers to shop the new adhesives bay with confidence.

What’s new?

  • New course, new content and build project!
  • A handy take-home guide
  • Hands-on experience with 22 featured products
  • Powerful product demonstrations
  • Access to and tutorial of touch screens used in-store
  • The new course references all the latest Selleys products, including:
Araldite® Kwik Grip® Quick Fix™
Knead It® ShoeFIX Selleys All Plastic Fix
Liquid Nails™ Aquadhere® All Fix Big Jobs