Save time... save effort!

Spray painting a room or a whole house with the appropriate spray painting equipment can provide enormous time saving benefits. In fact, the entire process can be up to three times faster. Yet, the preparation required to spray paint a room is not much different than if you were using traditional brushes and rollers.

Preparation of surfaces (standard room)

  • Remove any grease or dirt by washing down surface with sugar soap
  • Fill any imperfections in the plaster work with the recommended Polyfilla product
  • Lightly sand any filled areas and imperfections to an even, smooth finish
  • Wipe down surfaces with a soft broom/brush to remove any dust.


  • Use a blue tape to mask up all trim areas including architraves, skirting boards, window reveals, light fittings, light switches etc
  • Cover all floors and furniture with heavy duty canvas drop cloths
  • It is best to remove any window furnishings, however if this is not possible then cover with lightweight plastic drop sheets.

Spray painting (walls)

  • After the ceiling is completely dry, mask  up underneath the cornice edge using  blue tape and masking film or paper and  extend to cover the pre-painted ceiling to  a minimum of 30cm
  • Working systematically up and down,  across the wall, apply the first coat in an  even pattern
  • Allow the first coat to dry thoroughly and  then repeat the process with a second  coat.


Spray painting (ceiling)

  • Select a premium Dulux product to apply
  • First, apply one coat to all cornices
  • Next, work systematically from side to side across the width of the room, applying the first coat to the ceiling
  • Allow the first coat to dry thoroughly and then repeat the process with a second coat, moving up and down the length of the room.


Removal of masking tape/paper

  • Allow the paint to dry thoroughly before gently removing the masking tape Note – if the paint is still wet when removing the tape then the paint may bleed onto the protected surface
  • Dispose of all tape, paper or plastic thoughtfully.

Spray paint your way to a flaw less finish

Advantages and tips for using a Wagner WallPerfect W985E

  • Applying paint with the WallPerfect  W985E is three times faster than conventional rolling and will achieve a more even finish.
  • In most cases, only one application is required to apply the equivalent amount of paint as two rolled coats over a pre-painted surface. New plaster should be sealed with an appropriate plasterboard sealer undercoat prior to applying the top coat.
  • When using the WallPerfect system a roller stipple finish is achieved in the spray pattern, so there is no need to backroll. Touching up imperfections has never been easier!
  • Once the room has been properly masked up, with the WallPerfect W985E there is no need for time-consuming cutting in – simply spray right to the edge!

This will also eliminate the possibility of ‘picture framing’, which can sometimes occur when using a brush and roller.