New Selleys No More Gaps Bathroom & Kitchen, a flexible gap filler with superior water resistance

Gaps or cracks in the bathroom, kitchen or laundry that are regularly exposed to steam or condensation can be a problem. As well as being unsightly, water damage can be very expensive to fix.

Help your customers avoid costly and ugly water damage in their kitchen, bathroom or laundry by suggesting new Selleys No More Gaps Bathroom & Kitchen, formulated specifically for wet areas around the home.

Where to use Selleys No More Gaps Bathroom & Kitchen

  • Around bathroom, laundry or kitchen cabinets
  • Around skirting, door frames and window frames
  • Between kitchen and laundry benchtops and walls.

New technology

Selleys No More Gaps Bathroom & Kitchen is formulated with a silicone-modified acrylic hybrid polymer.

The silicone component imparts excellent water resistance to the gap filler, while the hybrid nature allows it to maintain traditional performance characteristics in terms of paintability, flexibility and water clean up.

Coupled with the latest biocide technology, this makes Selleys No More Gaps Bathroom & Kitchen the perfect product for use in damp and steamy areas where extra protection from water ingress and superior mould resistance are necessary.

Key features

  • Mould resistant
  • Specially formulated for damp, steamy areas
  • Paintable
  • Water clean up
  • Advanced flexibility
  • Easy to use.

Common customer query: Why can’t I use a regular gap filler in a kitchen, bathroom or laundry?

Answer: Regular gap fillers aren’t designed for use in damp or steamy areas and you shouldn’t use regular silicone either, as it needs to be painted. Selleys No More Gaps Bathroom & Kitchen is hands-down the best product choice for bathrooms, kitchens and laundries.