New Dulux Fence & Gate Paint. First impressions count

First impressions count! In the case of a home, the fence and gates are front and centre. Painting a fence and/or gate is a popular DIY project and a simple way for customers to enhance the entrance to their property

Mind you, it’s not a job anyone wants to do regularly. Now, you can tell your customers they need only paint their fence once every 10 years, thanks to new, high performance Dulux Fence & Gate.

Specially formulated for outdoor fence and gate projects, Dulux Fence & Gate is a premium, long wearing paint. Its 10 year guarantee means no peeling, blistering or flaking for a whole decade!

Dulux Fence & Gate provides superior coverage on all timber paling and picket fences, brick, rendered and Colorbond surfaces.It is suitable for brush, roller and spray application.

New Dulux Fence & Gate has been factory tinted to popular Colorbond colours in a low sheen finish.