New Decking Course

The NEW Decking Essentials Course takes a different approach by presenting attendees with a real deck to work on, in real time!

This is an invaluable training tool to provide hands-on and practical experience in the demonstration of woodcare products. Attendees will be able to work through from the beginning stages of timber clean up and preparation, to final application products - all in real time. Expand your knowledge of decking and woodcare products and application tools by moving through the correct procedure in sequence.

Attendees who complete this course will further their understanding of:

Decking timber basics

  • The importance of preparation
  • The benefits of water-based products when compared to oil-based
  • The difference between a decking oil and a decking stain
  • The difference between entry level and premium decking oils
  • How to navigate the Decking Essentials Matrix.

The Decking Essentials Course training program involves active participation, including hands on application of all aspects of the preparation, coating and maintenance of timber decking. As a course participant you will be guided through all the essential elements of decking products and how to use them, including:

  • Timber species identification
  • Timber surface preparation and use of:
  • Timber cleaners
  • Application tools
  • Product types
  • Decking oils
  • Decking stains
  • Deck and exterior paints
  • Water vs clear oils
  • Ongoing maintenance.

Confidently and knowledgeably talk to customers when presented with their decking projects by enrolling in this exciting new course. Learn the right questions to ask customers, and be able to reliably guide them to the right solutions and products with practical first-hand experience!

To book into a Decking Essentials course, check out the course calender, and talk to your Training Manager or your Cabot's Representative.