Meet Michael Acquaviva, the new Vic/Tas Training Manager

Based at the Training Academy in Melbourne, Michael Acquaviva has been part of the DuluxGroup team for almost two decades.“I’ve worked in R & D across both specialty finishes and protective coatings and also spent a few years in protective coatings sales,” says Michael.

After many years working closely across the Dulux range, Michael’s product knowledge is extensive and he says he now loves the opportunity to share his expertise with attendees at the Training Academy courses.“Being a trainer is just fantastic. I love meeting all the different people, talking about products and answering people’s questions.”Michael conducts all Victorian Dulux, Selleys and Woodcare courses and says participants find the content highly valuable across all the courses.

“You really can’t get the level of detailed product knowledge anywhere else. The feedback I get from participants is that their confidence to deal with customer queries is given a huge boost after they’ve attended one of the courses.”

“I really enjoy hearing from course participants about their day-to-day experiences helping customers. Many of them come to a course with customer queries they’ve struggled to answer in the past, and I enjoy workshopping answers and solutions to these with the whole group.”

“Participants also really enjoy the hands-on component of Training Academy courses. It’s so much easier to talk to a customer about a product if you’ve used it yourself.”

Away from his busy role at the Training Academy, Michael is a family man who enjoys spending time with his two teenage children and contributing to his local community. “I’m very involved in my kids’ school community and I’m also a regular blood donor. I like helping people – both at work and in the rest of my life.