Dulux Design Paintable Wallpaper

A Clever new paintable wallpaper solution to add texture and cover surface imperfections.

At last, an innovative new way to freshen up or restore your home as often as you like! Dulux Paintable Wallpaper makes it so easy to change room colour and texture, and hide minor wall imperfections at the same time. Designed to work with Dulux interior paints, Dulux Paintable Wallpapers are though and made to withstand even the most heavily used areas of your home. It’s a breeze to hang or Remove them- just follow the steps outlined to create a whole new room. Your customers will enjoy its high quality finish for years to come.

6 Simple steps to create a whole new look

1. Step One-Measure

Measure 50cm out from the wall corner or window use a spirit level to draw a vertical line from ceiling to floor. This will give you a straight edge from which line up the first sheet of paper and allows 2cm overlap which will be trimmed later to compensate for walls that aren’t completely straight.

2. Step Two- Paste Wall

Using a brush or roller, apply a generous and even layer of paste to the wall where the first length of wallpaper will hang.

3. Step Three-Hang Paper

Apply the wallpaper directly from the roll.
Slide the wallpaper into position, lining the edge up with your marked line.

4. Step Four-Smooth Down

Smooth down with a brush or a damp sponge removing air bubbles from the centre to the edges. If the paper is not straight or has large air bubbles, simply peel the paper back from the wall and move it into the correct position.

5. Step Five-Trim

Trim top and bottom using sharp scissors or a straight edge craft knife.

6. Step Six-Repeat Process

Repeat the process for each strip ensuring the edges are butt joined and the patter. If you get paste on the front of your wallpaper, remove with a damp sponge immediately. If overlapping is unavoidable, use a vinyl-to-vinyl adhesive.

You are now ready to paint with the colour of your choice, no primer needed! Just follow the instructions on the paint can.

Wallpaper peels off easily when you wish to redecorate.