Design Effects Collection

The new Dulux® Design Effects Collection is a range of luxurious and striking effects paint that will transform any space with a unique designer statement. Inspired by emerging global trends and drawing on an eclectic range of influences, the new effects range can be used to create a stylish feature wall, highlight an architectural feature or provide a special finish on home accessories.

Dulux is a world leader in colour design, and the seasonal Dulux Colour Forecast is a revered and highly anticipated event amongst interior designers, architects and stylists. The Design Effects Collection represents the latest in textural styling and shimmering colour, all with a luxury touch.

Your customers will love how easy it is to create a sophisticated space or feature in their home with the Design Effects Collection. These specialty paints are also simple to use and clean up. The hardest part will be choosing which Design Effect to use. Reflect a little design luxury today!

Follow our easy guide to achieve different textural finishes on your next project

While the paint is still wet, drag the brush in a random criss-cross pattern.

Rolling with an Effects Roller
While the paint is still wet, use an effects roller over the surface.

Sea Sponge
Randomly dab the sea sponge while the final coat is still wet.

Dry Roller Sleeve
Drag over surface in a random pattern, whilst the paint is still wet.

While the last coat is still wet, use muslin to drag and dab the paint around to achieve a natural, textured look.