The Training Academy offers a diverse range of courses for paint, hardware and gardening professionals.

Courses should be completed in the recommended sequence as some courses follow on from one module to the next.

A day at The Training Academy incorporates both theory as well as hands-on practical sessions.

All courses provide a comprehensive workbook which participants take home.

Morning tea and lunch are also provided at the state-of-the-art facilities.

At the end of the course, participants are presented with a certificate in recognition of their efforts.

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27-Feb-2018YatesShellharbourCourse Full
28-Feb-2018YatesShellharbourCourse Full
06-Mar-2018YatesSheppartonRegister >
06-Mar-2018YatesWelshpoolRegister >
06-Mar-2018YatesPinkenbaRegister >
07-Mar-2018YatesSheppartonRegister >
07-Mar-2018YatesWelshpoolRegister >
07-Mar-2018YatesPinkenbaRegister >
08-Mar-2018YatesWelshpoolRegister >
13-Mar-2018YatesWelshpoolRegister >
14-Mar-2018YatesWelshpoolRegister >
15-Mar-2018YatesWelshpoolRegister >
03-Apr-2018YatesTwin WatersRegister >
04-Apr-2018YatesTwin WatersRegister >
10-Apr-2018YatesHiltonRegister >
11-Apr-2018YatesArgentonRegister >
11-Apr-2018YatesHiltonRegister >
12-Apr-2018YatesArgentonRegister >
12-Apr-2018YatesHiltonRegister >
12-Apr-2018YatesToowoombaRegister >
17-Apr-2018YatesGranvilleRegister >
18-Apr-2018YatesGranvilleRegister >
08-May-2018YatesMain BeachRegister >
09-May-2018YatesMain BeachRegister >
15-May-2018YatesClaytonRegister >
16-May-2018YatesClaytonRegister >
28-May-2018YatesProspectRegister >
29-May-2018YatesDevonportRegister >
05-Jun-2018YatesPinkenbaRegister >
06-Jun-2018YatesPinkenbaRegister >
13-Jun-2018YatesClaytonRegister >
14-Jun-2018YatesClaytonRegister >
01-Aug-2018YatesToowoombaRegister >

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