Celebrating 75 Years

An Exciting Selleys Quality Trademark campaign launch to celebrate the people who have been getting the job done for the past 75 years.

In 1939 Martin Selley arrived in Australia with his special putty formula in his pocket and a ‘can do’ attitude... and the rest, as they say, is history. Today, the Selleys business unit within the Dulux Group for Australia and New Zealand is celebrating 75 wonderful years of hard work and vision with a special campaign: ‘Selleys. For The Doer’.

“There are two types of people in this world. The doers and those who rely on the doers to get things done properly. Selleys people are a special bunch. Whether they’re tradies, DIYers or our valued staff, they all share the same ‘can do’ attitude”.

‘If it's Selleys it works’ is a well known brand statement, and the new campaign builds seamlessly upon this by introducing ‘Selleys. For The Doer’. Launched in December 2014 with a 60 second television commercial, the new campaign shows the core essence of Selleys as being the enabler for Aussies to get the job done properly. Have a look at the new showcasing ‘how to do’ projects and earn your own ‘jobs well done’ using Selleys products!

A 30 second TV commercial was featured during the Cricket broadcast from December 26th and throughout January. The ‘For The Doer’ TV commercial will air again during March, as the peak season for DIY jobs around the home kicks into full gear heading into Easter 2015, as well as customer promotions from july 2015.
Selleys is in the business of making, creating, doing and getting things done. “Selleys for the Doer”.

View the new website and all showcased ‘how to’ material at www.forthedoer.com.au